Perkins 4.236M Marine Engine

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Perkins 4.236M Remanufactured engine.

The photos show an example of an engine we can supply on a build to order basis, base engine number LD14420.


All our remanfuactured engines are sold as service exchange. Outright purchase will incur a surcharge.

If we do not have a core unit available to rebuild, we would rebuild your own engine. Please book far in advance to avoid disappointment.

Perkins designed the 4.236 series to generate interest across all sectors, for smooth, vibration free running, fast starts and acceleration throughout the speed range. The 4.236(M) is an auxiliary or main propulsion engine that provides clean, economical power. This 4 cylinder diesel engine uses a rotary distributor-type fuel injection system, providing even fuel feed for smooth performance, designed to give you dependability with features like a closed freshwater system to minimise corrosion.

The 4.236 85bhp marine version is indirectly cooled. This type of system employs two seperate water circuits. One is a fresh water (closed) circuit which circulates within the cylinder block and head, the other is a sea or river water (open) circuit which circulates externally around the engine. Heat is interchanged between circuits via a heat exchanger unit.

Design features as per Perkins 4.236(M) Marine Power Spec Sheet:

  • Cylinder Block – High strength, cast iron alloy for a long engine life. Cylinder block extends below the crankshaft centreline for additional strength.
  • Cylinder Liners – Press fit, centrifugally-cast iron dry type liners. Easily replaceable.
  • Combustion System – Direct fuel injection into toroidal combustion chamber in the piston crown ensures fast starting, maximum fuel economy and top performance.
  • Crankshaft – Forged chrome/molybdenum steel with integral balance weights on the webs. Hardened for extra duty. Statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Main Bearings – Five pre-fit precision main bearings, replaceable thin-walled, steel-backed and aluminium/tin lined. Retained by jeaby duty cast iron main bearing caps.
  • Pistons and Rings – Aluminium silicon low expansion alloy pistons for high strength, light weight, and high thermal conductivity. Five piston rings: three compressions, two oil control.
  • Connecting Rods – Carbon manganese steel alloy with high strength H section shank. Fitted with precision-type tin lined big end bearings and bronze small end bushings. Fully floating piston pins.
  • Valves – Intake valves are chromium medium carbon steel, exhaust valves are silicon chromium valve steel for heat resistance and long in-service life.
  • Camshaft – High strength cast iron with three pressure lubricated supporting bearings. Cams and tappets are splash lubricated.
  • Timing Drive -Postive drive gear train with precision machined helical gears for trouble free performance. Provision is made for precise fuel pump timing adjustment.
  • Intake Manifold – Lightweight aluminium alloy casting. Dry bronze gauze air filter mounted on manifold intake incorporating closed crankcase ventilation system.
  • Exhaust Manifold – Heavy duty cast iron alloy, jacketed for water cooling.
  • Fuel System – Rotary distributor type fuel injection pump provides even fuel distribution to all cylinders for smooth performance from idle to full power. Automatic advance and retard mechanism ensures fast starts and even acceleration throughout the entire speed range. Injectors are easily accessible on the cylinder head for maintenance purposes.
  • Lubrication System – Full pressure feed, rotary pump driven engine lubrication system. Control valve in pump body maintains constant optimum pressure for efficient lubrication. Full flow, spin-on filter.
  • Cooling System – Thermostatically conrolled, heat exchanger, engine mounted fresh and raw water pumps. Full depth full circumference cylinder circulation for efficient cooling.
  • Electrical Equipment – 12 Volt electrics. Used with plug-in wiring harness.
  • Power Take Off Provision – Front end of crankshaft accepts stub shaft for axial power take-off
  • Engine Mounts – Rubber with standard 22 1/2 ” centers.


Current engine numbers are stamped on a label fitted to the left hand side of the cylinder block, above the fuel injection pump. Some may have the engine number stampled at the top of the rear face of the cylinder block, a typical number might be in the format of ‘LD21498U510256D’.

The fee for shipping depends on your location and any additional configuration requested. Please submit an enquiry using the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss options and confirm the final price based on your requirements.

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