Ford 6 Cylinder FUll Engines

Engine Price
7810 £4,600 + VAT
8210 £4,600 + VAT
TW5 £4,800 + VAT
TW15 £4,800 +VAT
TW25 £4,800 + VAT
TW35 £4,800 + VAT
7840 Non Turbo £5,050 + VAT
7840 Turbo £5,450 + VAT
TM Series £5,450 + VAT
ford 7810a
ford 7810b

Ford New Holland 675 TA short engines & cylinder head available as fitted to TX combines, TM series, 70 series tractors & 40 series.

All Exchange Full Engines are fitted with Reconditioned Fuel Pump and Injectors. Turbocharged Engines are supplied with a Reconditioned Turbocharger.

Full engines are NOT supplied with Flywheel, Backplate, Exhaust Manifold, Starter Motor, Alternator, Fuel Filter Assembly,Fan, Thermostat, Thermostat Housing,  Oil Pressure Switch, Water Temperature Sender, Block Drain Tap or Ancillaries.

All Full engines are dynomometer tested and are guaranteed for 12 Months. A surcharge is charged on all reconditioned engines.

When the old unit has been returned to our premises this surcharge will be credited in full, provided that the unit is complete, of the same model as the unit supplied and suitable for reconditioning.

Please ensure the engine is drained of oil and includes your name and address when it is returned. This surcharge is due for payment within 28 days from the invoice date if the old unit has not been received.  

Receive a Bespoke Estimate
If you’re looking for a replacement engine or need yours remanufactured, please provide us with as much information as possible to enable us to give you an accurate estimate. If you have photos of your engine, you may upload them below.