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Identify Your Engine

Ford Engine Identification

Please see photos on our Ford engine page for comparison or if you are unsure email us photos of your engine.

JCB Engine Identification

Please supply us with the engine type i.e SH320/40001, power in bhp or kW and if possible tell us which machine it is fitted to in order for us to provide an accurate quote. We can also identify your engine with your machine’s serial number.

For help finding your JCB engine build number see below: 

Engine data labels A are located on the cylinder block at position C and rocker cover D (if fitted). The data label includes important engine information and includes the JCB engine identification number E.

JCB Engine Identification 1

A typical JCB engine identification number is made up as follows:

JCB Engine Identification 2

1 - Engine Displacement

S = 4.4 litre series

D = 4.8 litre series

2 - Type

A = naturally aspirated engine (JCB Tier 2)

B = turbocharged engine (JCB Tier 2)

C = turbocharged and intercooled (JCB Tier 2)

D = turbocharged mechanical fuel injection (JCB Tier 3)

E = electronic common rail fuel injection (JCB Tier 3)

F = turbocharged and aftercooled (JCB mechanical Tier 3)

H = turbocharged and aftercooled electronic common rail fuel injection (JCB Tier 4i)

3 - Engine part number

4 - Country of manufacture

U = United Kingdom

5 - Engine serial number

6 - Year of manufacture

The last three parts of the engine identification number are stamped on the cylinder block at position B:

U 00001 12.

Perkins Engine Identification

In order to find the exact specification of your engine you will need to identify your engine by finding your unique Perkins serial number.

An example of the build format is: PJ12345, and serial number: *U123456P this will determine the engine family and year of manufacture in order for us to supply the correct option.

See below for a summary of where to find your engine number as shown under the help section on the Perkins website:

Engine serial numbers are commonly found on a metal plate fixed to the engine block.

Once you’ve located the plate, the letters and numbers that make up an engine’s model number are a series of codes to tell you the engine family, the number of cylinders, the emissions standard, the type of ignition, the capacity, the type of aspiration and if relevant the generator set rating.

Perkins Engine Identification 1
Perkins Engine Identification 2
Perkins Engine Identification 3
Perkins Engine Identification 4
Perkins Engine Identification 5

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