Specialists in Ford, Perkins and JCB Engines

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Ford, Perkins and JCB 444 Engines for the Farming, Mining and Construction industries
- Delivered Worldwide

Timik offers a full range of new and remanufactured engines for Ford, Perkins and JCB444.

The Ford range covers short engines, cylinder blocks, 3, 4 and 6 cylinder remanufactured engines.

We have an extensive range of new and remanufactured Perkins engines, as well as a full range of spare parts.

We also stock a large range of new JCB444 engines (for re-power).

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What is a Remanufactured Engine?

The term ‘remanufacturing’ is often confused with, or used synonymously with, the term ‘reconditioned’ so on this website we use both terms for ease of reference, however as an established member of the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers it is important to note the differences: 

Reconditioned engine:
Reconditioned engines are usually stripped down (sometimes only partially), and have some damaged parts replaced and then rebuilt. 

Remanufactured engine:
Remanufactured engines are fully stripped and inspected in detail, components and parts are checked against the manufacturers’ original specification, and key parts are replaced. A remanufactured engine is required to meet a certain standard under BSI AU 257:2002, set by British Standard Automobile Series code of practice. 

All our complete engines are stripped and inspected, the fuel injection equipment is renewed, a replacement turbocharger is fitted (if applicable), the engine block is bored, liners fitted and bored back to standard, new pistons and rings fitted, crankshaft ground new bearings fitted, cylinder head is reconditioned having valve seats re cut and new valves fitted if necessary, all new gaskets fitted and all other component’s inspected and changed if necessary. The engines are re assembled in our clean workshop using the correct procedures and tolerances. 

The engine is then dynamometer tested for 4 hours and given a coat of paint ready for delivery - worldwide.

Supplying Engines and Engine Parts for the Farming, Mining and Construction Industries Worldwide

Specialists in Ford, Perkins and JCB Engines


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