Ford Sabre 275 Marine Engine

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Ford Sabre 275 remanufactured engine.

The photos show an example of an engine we can supply on a build to order basis. Rockerbox chroming at additional cost.


Please book far in advance to avoid disappointment.

All our remanfuactured engines are sold as service exchange. Outright purchase will incur a surcharge.

If we do not have a core unit available to rebuild, we would rebuild your own engine.

The Ford Sabre 275L engine is a vertical four stroke, overhead valve, 6 cylinders in line, turbocharged, intercooled and piston cooled motor rated at 202kW (275HP) at 2500 rev/min.

Specifications below as per Sabre Engines Ltd Sabre Diesel Power spec sheet:

  • Fuel injection: Direct injection using a plunger type injection pump.
  • Starting Method: Electrical with thermostart and automatic excess fuel for cold starting.
  • Cooling System: Fresh water cooling of cylinder block, engine oil cooler, exhaust manifold. Raw water cooling of fresh water heat exchanger, gearbox oil cooler and air intercooler.
  • Transmission: Twin Disc MG 506, Borg Warner 7000 and PRM 601 were offered as standard options.
  • Electrics: 12 Volt full insulated starter and alternator standard.

The 275L was built using the Ford 2728T Base engine, also known as Ford Otosan and is a member of the Ford Dover range.

The fee for shipping depends on your location and any additional configuration requested. Please submit an enquiry using the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss options and confirm the final price based on your requirements.

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