FORD 4 Cylinder BSD Short Engine

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£2,350 + VAT
Availability: Built to Order
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The new block is manufactured using the very latest “lost-foam” casting technique. 21st century foundry processes and the metallurgical specification deliver a high degree of accuracy and an excellent surface finish.

Product information & Technical specification:

  • Engine Type: BSD444 + BSD 444T
  • Bore: 111.778mm
  • Stroke: 111.778mm
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Type: Non Turbo + Turbo (built to order)
  • Crankshaft type: 76 teeth, 15.4mm balancer gear
  • Balancer type: 15.4mm gear
  • Cylinder head bolt size: 9/16” UNC
  • Typical applications: Direct replacement, BSD444: 6600, 5610, 6610, 6700, 6710 Also replaces, BSD442: 5000, 5600, 5610, BSD444T 7000, 7610, 6810  + backhoe 550, 650, 555, 655
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