Powering Through: Experience Agricultural Excellence with JCB Engines from Timik Agricultural Ltd

JCB is globally recognised for its robust and powerful machinery, making it a top choice for agricultural professionals. The heart of these machines – the engine – plays an essential role in ensuring your equipment operates at optimal levels. With Timik Agricultural Ltd, you can elevate your farm operations by capitalising on our team’s expertise […]

Spares for JCB

Innovative Spares for JCB: Stay Ahead in Agricultural Engineering with Timik Agricultural Ltd

Agricultural engineering is an ever-evolving field, striving to develop innovative technologies and solutions to meet the increasing demands of the modern world. As a key player in this sector, JCB is synonymous with resilience, efficiency, and cutting-edge design. To ensure the continued excellence of your JCB machinery, it is essential to source high-quality spares that […]


Tailored Engines: Customise Your JCB for Optimal Farm Performance with Timik Agricultural Ltd

Agricultural success hinges on the consistent performance of farming equipment, and JCB is a trusted brand that delivers reliable and efficient machinery. To ensure your JCB machines reach their full potential in various farming applications, customising the equipment with tailored engine solutions can be a game-changer. Timik Agricultural Ltd, specialising in the supply of remanufactured […]

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Elevating Your JCB Machine with Premium Engine Parts from Timik Agricultural Ltd

Operating in demanding industries such as agriculture, construction, and logistics requires machinery that delivers consistent performance, efficiency, and reliability. As a world-renowned brand, JCB is committed to ensuring its equipment consistently meets, and often exceeds, these requirements. To maintain and elevate the high standards set by original JCB machinery, operators must prioritise sourcing premium engine […]

Routine Care

Upkeep Essentials: Routine Care for Your JCB Engine with Timik Agricultural Lt

A well-maintained JCB engine is the foundation for efficient, reliable, and long-lasting machinery required to tackle the demanding tasks in agriculture, construction, and logistics industries. Understanding and implementing proper routine care for your JCB engine is crucial in extending its lifespan and ensuring optimal performance. When it comes to reliable suppliers for your maintenance needs, […]

JCB Engine

From Farm to Field: Maximising JCB Engine Durability with Timik Agricultural Ltd

Operating JCB machinery in the demanding environments of agriculture, construction, power generation, and marine industries requires maximising engine durability to ensure continued efficiency and profitability. The key to achieving long-lasting engine performance lies in partnering with a specialist supplier like Timik Agricultural Ltd, offering Ford and Perkins remanufactured full and short engines, alongside spares for […]


The Engine Enthusiast’s Guide to JCB’s Best Parts with Timik Agricultural Ltd

For any engine enthusiast, understanding the key components that power their JCB machinery is as exciting as it is informative. Recognising the importance of sourcing and utilising the best engine parts is essential for enhancing performance, reliability, and longevity of your equipment. Timik Agricultural Ltd, specialising in supplying new JCB engines and spares, new and […]

JCB Equipment

Investing in Quality Parts: A Game-Changer for JCB Equipment Owners

As a JCB equipment owner, you understand how crucial reliable machinery is for accomplishing everyday tasks in various industries, including agriculture, construction, and logistics. To keep your equipment in prime condition, regular maintenance and timely repairs or replacements with top-quality parts are crucial factors. By investing in quality parts from trusted sources like Timik Agricultural […]

JCB Engine

The Anatomy of a JCB Engine: Understanding What Keeps You Moving

JCB engines power some of the most essential agricultural and construction machinery in the UK, Africa, and mainland Europe. A thorough understanding of the anatomy of a JCB engine is crucial not only for equipment operators but also for maintenance crews and service providers. By gaining insight into the engine’s structure and various components, you’re […]


The Farmer’s Survival Guide to JCB Engine Troubleshooting

Farmers rely heavily on their machinery, including equipment powered by JCB engines, to ensure smooth and efficient operations for tasks such as ploughing, harvesting, and cultivating. Any issue with the engine can result in frustrating downtime for your equipment, which may cause delays in your agricultural processes and ultimately affect your productivity. Thus, knowing how […]

Gears from an old industrial machine

Lessons in Power: Transforming Your JCB with Superior Engine Spares

JCB equipment, designed for handling some of the toughest tasks in the agriculture, construction, and logistics industries, requires regular maintenance to maximise performance and reliability. One of the most effective ways to ensure your JCB machinery continues to deliver optimal power and efficiency is by investing in superior engine spares and components. Upgrading your equipment […]

JCB Engine

Navigating the World of Aftermarket JCB Engine Parts

When it comes to maintaining and repairing heavy machinery such as JCB engines, aftermarket parts can play a significant role in prolonging the life and performance of your equipment. As specialists in the supply of Ford and Perkins remanufactured full engines, along with spares for all makes of tractors and equipment, we understand the complexities […]