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Ensuring Optimal JCB Engine Performance: Uncover the Value of Routine Maintenance

With the ever-growing demand for heavy machinery in industries across the UK, Africa, and mainland Europe, businesses need to ensure their equipment operates efficiently and reliably. As a leading supplier of Ford and Perkins remanufactured full and short engines, along with spares for all makes of tractors and equipment, we understand the crucial role that […]

JCB Engines

Prolong the Life of Your JCB Engines and Parts: Best Practices for Maintenance and Care

Operating heavy machinery, such as JCB tractors and other equipment, is a significant investment for businesses in the UK, Africa, and mainland Europe. As specialists in supplying new JCB engines and spares, Ford and Perkins remanufactured full and short engines, together with spares for all makes of tractors and equipment, we understand the importance of […]

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Enhancing Your JCB’s Performance with Precision Engine Parts

Maintaining optimal performance and reliability of your JCB machinery is crucial in the world of heavy equipment operations. Achieving these goals often requires investing in high-quality, precision-engineered parts that can effectively withstand the rigours of daily use. By choosing precision engine parts, you can ensure your JCB machines consistently deliver peak performance while minimising the […]

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Secrets to Maintaining Longevity in JCB Heavy Machinery Engines

Every business owner relying on JCB heavy machinery understands the importance of keeping their engines in top condition to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity. Prolonging the life of your JCB engines not only reduces repair costs but also minimises downtime, thereby enhancing overall productivity. With proper maintenance and timely interventions, it is possible to […]

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The Essential Checklist for Choosing JCB Compatible Parts

In the world of heavy machinery, the need for durable and reliable parts is imperative to ensure the optimal performance and efficiency of JCB equipment. Choosing the right JCB compatible parts can be a daunting task, given the sheer number of options on the market and the consequences of opting for subpar components. To streamline […]


The Role of Remanufactured Ford and Perkins Engines in Global Industries

Remanufactured engines have become an increasingly popular choice for various industries worldwide, offering a cost-effective alternative to new engines without compromising on performance, efficiency, or reliability. Two leading brands in the world of remanufactured engines are Ford and Perkins, both of which are renowned for their durable, high-quality, and powerful engines. By opting for remanufactured […]

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Exploring the History and Evolution of Perkins Engines: Pioneering Power and Reliability

Perkins Engines has stood as a global leader in the world of diesel engines for nearly a century. Renowned for its innovative engineering, performance, and reliability, Perkins has transformed industries ranging from agriculture and construction to marine and power generation with its pioneering power solutions. Setting the stage for an inspiring legacy, Perkins was founded […]


Signs Your Perkins Engine May Need Overhaul: Symptoms and Troubleshooting Tips

Perkins engines are renowned for their reliability, durability, and performance, making them a popular choice in various industries and applications. However, as with any machine, prolonged use can eventually lead to wear and tear, affecting the performance and efficiency of your engine. Being able to recognize the signs that your Perkins engine may need an […]


Understanding the Benefits of Remanufactured Perkins Engines

Reliability and performance are crucial concerns when it comes to selecting an engine for your machinery. Perkins engines have a sterling reputation in these aspects, making them a popular choice for various industries. However, purchasing a brand-new engine may not be the most economical solution for every situation. Remanufactured Perkins engines offer an attractive alternative, […]


Maximizing Fuel Efficiency in Perkins-Powered Agricultural Machinery

Perkins engines have been renowned for providing consistently reliable and robust power solutions for agricultural machinery and equipment. While Perkins engines are designed to offer excellent fuel efficiency, there are numerous factors that may impact the fuel consumption and overall efficiency of your agricultural machinery. Whether you’re operating a tractor, combine harvester, or other Perkins-powered […]

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The Importance of Air Intake System in Perkins Engines

An efficient and well-maintained air intake system in a Perkins engine is crucial for generating optimal power output, increasing fuel efficiency, and reducing emissions. As a specialist in Ford and Perkins reconditioned engines and spares, Timik Agricultural Ltd is committed to providing you with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of air intake systems […]

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Quality Aftermarket Parts: Enhancing Performance in Perkins Engines

Perkins engines are globally recognized for their durability, performance, and reliability in powering agricultural machinery. Maintaining these attributes, however, relies on the consistent use of quality parts that meet high manufacturing standards. When it comes to finding replacement parts for your Perkins engine, aftermarket parts can provide a cost-effective and reliable solution, provided you choose […]